Original, authentic portraits


TinType Photography

In our studio (and on location) we create handmade 'one of a kind' portraits with silver on aluminium plates.


TinType Photography is a historical photographic process, discovered by Frederick Scott Archer in 1851.


Each plate is prepared with a homemade mix of chemicals that has to be exposed and developed within a few minutes.


The combination of a long exposure time, the antique lenses and the craft process makes every session a magical experience with a unique outcome.

Pricing and Information

- A TinType session lasts around 90 mins, plus another 30 mins to finish your wet plate photo. 

- During the session we generally make multiple plates, so that you can choose the best.

- The prices include 1 plate and a digital scan.

- You can also have an extra plate made during your session with a 50% discount!

TinType 13x18 cm € 125,-


TinType 20x25 cm  € 175,-

TinType 40x50 cm on request


- High resolution, retouched (print quality) scan: €35,-


Can I have a TinType portrait made? 

Hell yes! Everyone is welcome in our studio. Choose the day and time that suits you best. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10 until 6. Contact us to book your session.

What happens during a portrait session?
Together we discuss what type of portrait appeals to you the most. Then we focus the camera and perfect the lighting. When everything is right, we head to the dark room to prepare the plate. You can experience the whole process in the darkroom, from casting the plate to developing and fixing. It is a fascinating process to see how your portrait slowly comes to life!

How long is a session? 

The beauty of the process is that it cannot be rushed. So we take plenty of time for each portrait. A session lasts about 90 minutes. Then we need about half an hour to rinse and finish the plates, so you can take them with you immediately.

How many plates do you make? 

Generally we make more than one plate so that we are sure that we are all happy with the end result, technically and aesthetically 

How many people can be in the photo? 

On a 13x18 cm plate, we can have a maximum of 3 people. On a 20x25 cm plate we can have a maximum of 4 people. 

Can I wear make up? 

Of course!

What should I wear? 

What you like! It is useful to take several garments with you.

Can TinType also take photos on location? 

Yes we can! We have a mobile dark room so we can take our studio anywhere. Contact us for more information

Can I pay with my card? 

Yes! We accept Visa, Master Card, Maestro and American Express. 

Do you have Gift Vouchers? 

Yes! Just contact us and we can arrange a gift voucher for you. 


For a booking or a question, contact us here!

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